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Both pet tamer quests are account-extensive, so just one character can complete them daily. There are six mini games players can do every day, for a complete of two Darkmoon Prize Ticket whole. All of those quests are per-character besides the pet battle dailies that are per-account. 5 Darkmoon Prize Ticket for finishing each pet dailies seven days.

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When you enter the faire, you will notice the Tallstrider Handler “Dusty” Brandom, who can loan you a mount to get to the Faire faster–excellent for low-degree characters. Legion brings with it a brand new set of Darkmoon Cards, which are ilvl 835 and could be upgraded to ilvl 875 through Obliterum.

Boomie Sparks sells the Sparklepony XL toy along with fireworks. This toy prices zero Darkmoon Prize Ticket and will create fireworks if you leap on your mount over a 15 second period. Use your Darkmoon Tonk to destroy 30 Tonk Targets within the time allowed.

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pets toy

Upon accepting his quest, players will get a brief gun and should hit certainly one of three marked targets. This is an account-broad toy which provides your character the appearance of fiery wings for an hour! Cataclysm raiders could notice similarities to the Alysrazor. Every time you fly through a hoop, your Wings of Flame buff is refreshed to 10 seconds maximum. There are six mini-games players can participate in for Darkmoon Prize Ticket, discovered inside Darkmoon Game Prize. To play these games, you will must get Darkmoon Game Token, present in Sack o’ Tokens and Pouch o’ Tokens purchased from Game Vendors situated across the Faire.

There are 4 toll segments and each toll section is added up in your ultimate toll time. A twist to the Real Big Race is that the teleports, springs, and rockets are on a shared power-up. The penalty for falling off a cliff or mistiming a bounce is steep as this race course is not on flat terrain. The Noble gear is BoP, however they’re all Cosmetic items, which means they are added to your Wardrobe and can be utilized by any characters in your account. It also resembles the Gilnean gear which NPCs wore however gamers couldn’t acquire in earlier expansions. Chester is a faire vendor who has eclectic objects, like his Dark Souls namesake Marvellous Chester.