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Also watch for prime sugar content (sucrose, fructose, corn syrup, and so on.) and meals with plenty of preservative or added chemicals. The Guinea Lynx web site has a great article on selecting good quality pellets. For growing guinea pigs, alfalfa-based mostly pellets are fine, however for adults, it may be better to look out a Timothy hay-based pellet. A couple of fantastic Timothy-based diets embody Oxbow Hay’s Cavy Cuisine and KM Hayloft’s Timothy’s Choice. The quantity of vitamin C required varies considerably depending on the reference supply used, however most guinea pigs probably need about 10–30 mg/day. Pregnant, nursing, young, and sick guinea pigs need extra. Be cautious about giving human dietary supplements to canine.

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pets vitamin

Some merchandise, such as garlic, may be harmful for canines. Fish oil dietary supplements also can scale back irritation, based on a study revealed within the American Journal of Veterinary Research. Ingredients in some dietary supplements, corresponding to herbals, could interact with other drugs an animal is taking. Your vet can also assess whether or not your pet needs a complement. If an animal already eats a balanced diet and receives extra parts of some vitamins and minerals, they could be dangerous, according to the FDA and veterinarians. WebMD talked with specialists for answers to incessantly asked questions about dog nutritional vitamins and supplements. Dr Cooper mentioned single clinics see approximately one case of pets ingesting rodent bait each … Read More