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The enamel of rat incisors is tough, tougher than iron, platinum and copper. Specifically, measured on Mohs hardness scale, the rat’s decrease incisors rank 5.5 . Human enemel isn’t fairly this difficult, measuring 5 on the Mohs hardness scale .

Incisors are saved sharp by gnawing and bruxing, also called thegosis. Because rat incisors have hard enamel only on the front floor, the incisors put on at an angle, with the gentle dentin within the back back carrying off earlier than the enamel within the front.


Rats can truly transfer their decrease jaw up to now foward that their lower incisors are in front in front of their upper incisors. When a rat bruxes, its jaw is pulled forward, and its decrease incisors sometimes grind behind the higher incisors and typically in entrance of them . Diagram of a rat skull with a part of the bony alveoli removed to show the whole length of the incisors . Rat molars are similar to the molar depicted in Figure 2. Rat incisors, nevertheless, have a single, open, root that continues to grow throughout the rat’s life.

When a rat gnaws, its lower jaw shifts ahead, bringing the incisors into contact with one another and the molars out of contact with one another. The upper incisors hold the object, and the decrease incisors cut against it. Hence, solely the incisors are concerned in gnawing — molars don’t touch each other when a rat gnaws.… Read More