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What States Allow Unique Pets?

They are WILD ANIMALS. They still retain wild instincts. They usually are not like our cats that had been domesticated after lots of of years of evolution. They can be ‘tame’, sure, but the reality of the matter is that they should hunt, they need to mark their territory, they need to reproduce, they’ve wants that we merely can’t meet. Furthermore, the unique pet trade also has plentiful breeding strategies that lead to loopy amounts of deformities in these animals. For those wanting exotic cats or wolves, you must remember they have special needs and vet care far completely different than their domestic cousins. They are especially happier within the wild, and don’t always need human contact.

Exotic pets are a vastly diverse group of animals that vary from betta fish to Bengal tigers. Therefore, it is typically erroneously assumed that all exotic (or non-domesticated) cats in captivity pose the identical threat to the populace as would a lion or leopard.

unique pets

It is due to posts like these, people get wild cats as pets and shortly realize they don’t make good pets. First, I do not imagine that Bobcats should be thought-about exotic in any method, they are a Native species. Second, they common solely about twenty pounds so why they are even thought-about giant cats is beyond understanding. As home pets they can be set free through the day and they’re going to always return. They do make good pets and are more affectionate … Read More