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The biological definition includes all members of the kingdom Animalia. In colloquial usage, the time period animal is often used to refer solely to nonhuman animals. Historically, Aristotle divided animals into these with blood and those without. Carl Linnaeus created the first hierarchical biological classification for animals in 1758 along with his Systema Naturae, which Jean-Baptiste Lamarck expanded into 14 phyla by 1809. In 1874, Ernst Haeckel divided the animal kingdom into the multicellular Metazoa and the Protozoa, single-celled organisms no longer considered animals. In trendy times, the biological classification of animals relies on advanced methods, such as molecular phylogenetics, that are efficient at demonstrating the evolutionary relationships between taxa. Owls superficially resemble quick-necked hawks, except that their eyes are directed forward and are surrounded by disks of radiating feathers.

All animals are composed of cells, surrounded by a attribute extracellular matrix composed of collagen and elastic glycoproteins. During development, the animal extracellular matrix varieties a relatively versatile framework upon which cells can move about and be reorganised, making the formation of complex structures possible. This may be calcified, forming buildings corresponding to shells, bones, and spicules. In contrast, the cells of different multicellular organisms are held in place by cell walls, and so develop by progressive growth. Animal cells uniquely possess the cell junctions called tight junctions, gap junctions, and desmosomes. The word animal comes from the Latin animalis, that means ‘having breath’, ‘having soul’ … Read More