Surefire ways to mate a fierce and wild cat

He made a headache when he wanted to mate the cat, the male and female actually fought each other, making roars like a lion, even to the point that they could attack and injure each other, want to know more about why cats become fierce and wild click here

Okay, back to the discussion on how to mate a cat that has a fierce character, actually the reasons that underlie cats become fierce and wild there are various underlying factors including:

A.) Offspring that are inherited by their parents

B.) The influence of the surrounding environment

C.) Influence from other cats

D.) Entering lust

E.) Starvation conditions (common in feral cats)

1. Check the health of the two cats to be bred, whether female or not, it is necessary to ensure that they are in good health, nor are they suffering from diseases such as fungi and the like, which are feared to infect their partners, and even later the puppies can also be attacked by fungi since childhood. Therefore, the health factor must be a major concern before you want to marry a cat.

2. It must be ensured that the cat is indeed in heat, do not force a cat that is not yet in lust to mate, because if it is forced, cats can attack each other to secure their territory, as a cat hunting animal will indeed defend its territory, especially from other cats that he just met, It’s different if the cat we want to marry is a cat that has lived together in the same house for a long time, of course the incident of attacking each other will not happen.

3. Approach Process

This introduction process is also only intended for cats meeting for the first time, remember not to directly combine males and females in one cage because if they don’t know each other, a fight can occur and result in injury.

The way to do this approach is to prepare 2 cages and then enter the male and female in two different cages but place them close to each other but they can’t hurt each other, so it’s still safe. Do this process for about a day or if both of them do not refuse, of course the process can be skipped to further speed up the mating process.

4. After they are seen that they are not disturbed by the presence of each other, they can be removed from the cage and placed in a special room so that they are not disturbed by the presence of humans or other cats.

5. The previous process indicates that the male or female cat has accepted his partner so that the possibility of mating will be greater.

6. Usually it is the female cat who refuses, because the female cat has its own phases when it enters the estrus period, in contrast to the male cat whose estrus can occur at any time, whenever the female enters the oestrus period, the male cat is ready to mate.

7. In essence, a cat’s character that has been stuck in a fierce behavior is difficult to change, but when it has entered a period of heavy lust, it is characterized by frequently rolling its body and moving its legs when the base of its tail is held, the female cat’s fierce nature will decrease by itself. because they need a male cat to marry him,

8. His fierce behavior may return after the mating process ends because the female cat’s lust period has finished. To avoid the influence of the mother cat being transmitted to her children later, we can adopt it from a young age, because if it is allowed to remain with its mother, it is likely that the kitten will imitate the behavior of its mother.