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providing quality bred captive reptiles, care & supplies since 2003. Leatherback sea turtles have been identified to dive over a thousand feet deep within the ocean. However, child Sea turtles are highly weak when they are born.

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Both native and launched species are included. This site is for Reptile enthusiast to find exhausting to find reptiles, turtles, lizards, buy and promote reptile gear and to find new reptile breeders from our nationwide breeder listing. Non-revenue foundation that takes in undesirable, abused and uncared for reptiles, as nicely offering adoptable reptiles and amphibians, gently used tools, guided excursions, instructional programs and more. Stress exacerbates all illness and can make healthy individuals–and animals–unwell. Animals in captivity are beneath constant stress, even those kept in the most excellent of environments. And so you will note me make recommendations and cautions which are apparently contrary to every little thing else written by those who write about animal care.


Few of those authors, nonetheless, share my own expertise and studying in these areas. My backside line is always the well being and functioning of the animals and their keepers. That is why my Chronic Neuroimmune Diseases and Lyme Disease websites is are part of my Anapsid web site.

I feel that it’s the duty of those that have walked that path earlier than to share as much data as attainable in order that the newcomers will avoid the mistakes we made. Hoarding info is as bad as hoarding animals. I strongly imagine that if humans are going to keep animals–in any setting–we’ve the accountability, the obligation, to look after them correctly. Unfortunately, care data for many species now being imported is missing, while info that exists for many others is so mistaken that it would profit these species if the knowledge did not exist at all. welcome to reptiles reptropolis, a spot for all herpetoculture enthusiasts from professionals to household pet house owners.

Mother sea turtles lay a lot of eggs on the seashore in a gap they dig. Then the mothers go away and return into the ocean. The eggs are left defenseless and turn into prime meals for a lot of predators. Once the eggs hatch, the hatchlings head for the water. They are very vulnerable to predators during this time. Sea turtles have flippers that allow them to swim properly.