How to Train Cat Easily, Become Submissive and Not Naughty Anymore

Don’t be confused, there are a number of ways to train a cat so that your beloved pet becomes obedient and not naughty, see the easy steps. Want to own a munchkin cat or any type of cat? Before doing so, you must know that the meow is indeed a unique animal. Cats are often ignorant, don’t want to be petted, unruly, but they look cute when they are hungry and ask for food.

If you care for kittens without a mother, of course you can train them from the start, even though it’s not easy to do. When you choose to adopt a cat from a shelter, be given by a friend, or take a village cat. Like it or not, you have to train and teach your cat to obey you as an animal owner. Cats must be taught toilet training, eat and drink in their place, don’t break things, and so on. We will explain how to handle a cat so that it becomes obedient and no longer naughty, quoting from various sources.

Stroking the Cat All the Time

How to deal with cats so they are not naughty? How to make a cat tame? It’s easy, try petting an adopted cat or kitten all the time so that an animal feels cared for.

Carrying a Cat When You Want to Bathe it

How to make a cat not afraid of water? Try holding him as part of the cat bath. When the cat feels comfortable, he can adapt to a new habit, namely bathing with water and soap.

Training Cats Since Childhood

The way to tame a kitten is to train it from childhood, especially if you adopt it as a baby. There are many ways to make cats docile and spoiled, it’s easy to do if fur children are raised from a young age.

Always Give Gifts in the Form of Food or Catnip

When training cats, don’t forget to give gifts in the form of solid or liquid food, it can also be catnip. This can be a way of training adult Angora cats to obey or any type of cat, including village cats.
how to deal with a naughty cat

Training to Poop in the Sand Box (Litter Box)

There are many ways to handle cats so they don’t poop carelessly or also how to train cats to defecate in the toilet. You can put the litter box near the cat or put the cat in it, instinctively the cat will defecate or urinate here.

Always Invites to Play

If you have a hyperactive cat, you can invite him to play every day or at least have a routine. This is a way to tame wild cats or how to tame fierce cats. There is a form of interaction to make the cats obedient.

Give No Punishment

Never forbid a cat, of course this is part of how to train a cat not to be aggressive. If the cat is wrong, don’t give punishment, just give it a caress and make a forbidding movement.

The duration of the exercise lasts not long

You want to teach how to train cats to shake hands, how to train cats to massage, play, or other activities. Teach cats for a short duration, usually these animals get bored quickly and don’t want to follow instructions.
how to tame a cat at home

Repeating Exercise Routinely

How to tame an aggressive cat or how to tame a cat, do regular training. You can teach the meow to use the litter box, play, eat in its place by doing regular exercises.

Giving Names To Cats

How to summon a cat? You have to give a name to your beloved cat, just find a short one. So how do you train a cat to be summoned or to understand human language, get used to calling it all the time. It’s easy, right?

Giving Preferred Toys

Try to give toys that are liked or unique toys, because cats really like to have fun or can be invited to play. This can answer how to train a cat to be smart or obedient?

Delivering Food by Hand

One of the easy steps on how to tame a kitten or how to tame a new cat is to hand feed it. Lots of food or snacks in sachet form, don’t forget to stroke your head when giving food.

Give Food Regularly

There are many ways to make cats fat or how to train cats so they don’t steal food, namely by giving food regularly. Usually, cats do look obedient when they ask for food, provide a variety of food so they don’t get bored.

Wow. it turns out that there are also many ways to train cats, how to tame cats, or others so that they become obedient and not naughty.