How to thicken cat hair so that it is thick and the fur doesn’t fall out

Cat hair is the source of its beauty, of course the first appearance we see is the beauty of the fur, it cannot be denied that we sometimes feel a dilemma when we have to choose to have a short or long hair cat, in fact both will look beautiful as long as the health of the fur is maintained, but a cat with long and beautiful fur will looks sweeter to the eye and makes the owner proud to be able to take good care of his long fur.

Immediately, here are some tips / how to thicken cat hair, including:

The first four points will discuss food and drink intake, then proceed with the following points,

1. Giving fish oil

Fish oil is very good for cats because it contains a lot of OMEGA3 which is good for the health of the cat’s skin and coat, for its application, you can mix it with the food and then mix well, so that the cat can benefit from the food they eat as well as the OMEGA3 content contained in fish oil. If our cat likes to lick fish oil, it can also be given directly without needing to be mixed with his food.

2. Intake of Vitamin E

This vitamin E does have a good function for the health of the cat’s skin which is also good for the fur, I even heard from discussion forums that giving this vitamin E can also increase the cat’s lust.

The type of vitamin E that is commonly used is natureE which is widely circulated in the community so that it is easy for us to get it.

3. Vitamins specifically for hair

We can get this vitamin at the nearest pet shop or veterinarian in your city.

4. Egg Yolk

The content contained in egg yolks is quite good for the development and health of feathers and the protein is good for the fitness of our cats, many cat lovers ask what kind of egg should be given to cats, the answer that you can easily find in the market can be free-range chicken or broiler chicken eggs. laying). In my opinion, the free-range chicken is more recommended.

How to give it to cats can be by directly breaking the egg and discarding / setting aside the white of the egg and then directly entering it in the place to eat, letting the cat immediately lick it until it runs out. or if you want to give it cooked, you can also boil it before serving.

5. Comb the cat’s fur

The purpose of combing the cat’s hair is to remove dead hair that is still attached to the cat’s body so that it becomes more presentable. Besides that, routinely combing the hair is expected to minimize the possibility of the cat throwing up hairballs.

6. Groming our cat

Bathe our cat at least 2 times a month, or it can be once a week according to the condition of the body is dirty or not, it also needs to be considered whether the cat is in good health or not. because the condition of a cat who is sick if bathed can make the situation worse. Here’s how to bathe your own cat at home.

7. Dry the cat in the morning

The cat drying procession is good for bone growth because it contains a lot of vitamin D, in addition to making the cat’s condition more fresh and healthy, so that it affects the health of the fur as well, because cats who experience stress conditions have a tendency to experience hair loss.

8. The environment where the cat lives

Try to keep the cage or place of residence where the cat lives and works in a clean and cool condition so as to minimize the risk of the cat experiencing hair loss due to the hot temperatures in the location where it lives.