How To Raising Dogs for Physical and Mental Health

Benefits of keeping a raising dog for health, Who isn’t excited about a pet like a dog? Unknowingly, raising a dog actually has many benefits for the owner’s physical and mental health.

Then, what are the benefits of keeping a dog for health? Follow the full discussion below.

Benefits of keeping a dog for health

Not only a hobby, keeping pets like dogs also has many benefits for the owner’s physical and mental health.

Some of the benefits of keeping dogs for humans include:

1. Maintain heart health and blood vessels

The American Heart Association reports that owning a dog can lower the risk of death from heart disease and stroke by up to 31%. Meanwhile, the risk of death for people who have had heart disease drops to 65%.

Owning a dog is associated with increased exercise activity, lower blood pressure, and better cholesterol levels. This is definitely useful for maintaining the health of your cardiovascular system.

2. Improve physical fitness

Like the previous point, raising a dog is associated with an increase in one’s physical activity. You may want to be more engaged in taking care of the dog and playing outside than sitting idle.

Playing frisbee and taking the dog for an afternoon walk are regular activities that you might want to do when you have pets. In the end, this fun activity with pets will improve your health and physical fitness.

A research attempted by the Doctor. Deborah Wells, titled the British Journal of Health Psychology, shows that having a dog can prevent someone from getting sick and speed up treatment when they have certain diseases.

Getting a dog can also help provide early warning signs of cancer, seizures and hypoglycemia.

3. Avoid obesity and diabetes

In addition to increasing physical fitness, the efficacy of keeping dogs for humans is preventing obesity and chronic diseases.

Taking a walk or playing with your beloved dog regularly is a good physical activity to maintain a perfect body weight and prevent obesity.

This can help lower the risk of diabetes and other chronic diseases.

Another benefit of keeping animals is protecting mental health.

In a way, dogs are the best friends for humans. Looking after and caring for a dog will make you feel less lonely and improve your mood. This has a positive impact on a person’s mental health.

Having a dog can also be a coping method for some people to overcome stress, loneliness and fear barriers.

The reason is, interacting with dogs can increase the production of happiness hormones, such as oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine. It functions in lowering stress hormones such as cortisol.

5. Helping people with disabilities

Dogs are known for their loyalty to their owners. Not only that, dogs can also be loyal friends to humans.

Doctor. Wells, in his research reported by Medical News Today, it was reported that dogs also have a therapeutic role because they can help people with disabilities. carry out their daily life.

6. Increase social bonds

Another benefit of keeping a dog is to increase social bonds with other people.

Taking the dog for an evening walk can increase your chances of meeting other people and increase social interaction. Not only that, you might also be able to join a community of dog lovers.

For pet owners, dogs can be a loyal friend as well as a stress reliever from all day activities. More than that, in fact there are many benefits of keeping a dog on human physical and mental health.

Who would have thought, there are a myriad of health benefits of owning a dog, including maintaining heart and blood vessel health, increasing physical fitness, reducing the risk of obesity and diabetes, overcoming stress, maintaining mental health, helping people with disabilities, and Increasing social bonds.

These various benefits do not necessarily make you have to have a pet immediately. There needs to be a great sense of responsibility in looking after and caring for pets like other living things.