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Mother sea turtles lay lots of eggs on the beach in a gap they dig. Then the moms leave and return into the ocean. The eggs are left defenseless and turn into prime meals for many predators. Once the eggs hatch, the hatchlings head for the water. They are very susceptible to predators throughout this time. Sea turtles have flippers that allow them to swim nicely.

These flippers can also assist propel them on land, but not very well, making sea turtles simple prey to predators on land. The front flippers are used to propel the turtle by way of the water while the back flippers are used for steering. Sometimes the again flippers are used for digging holes the place the turtle lays eggs.

providing high quality bred captive reptiles, care & supplies since 2003. Leatherback sea turtles have been known to dive over a thousand toes deep within the ocean. However, baby Sea turtles are extremely susceptible when they’re born.

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I feel that it is the accountability of those who have walked that path earlier than to share as much information as potential in order that the newcomers will keep away from the errors we made. Hoarding information is as bad as hoarding animals. I strongly believe that if humans are going to maintain animals–in any setting–we have the responsibility, the duty, to care for them correctly. Unfortunately, care information for many species now being imported is lacking, while information that exists for a lot of others is so incorrect that it might profit these species if the information didn’t exist in any respect. welcome to reptiles reptropolis, a spot for all herpetoculture fanatics from professionals to household pet homeowners.

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Few of those authors, however, share my very own expertise and studying in these areas. My bottom line is always the well being and functioning of the animals and their keepers. That is why my Chronic Neuroimmune Diseases and Lyme Disease sites is are part of my Anapsid web site.