7 Amazing Facts About Sea Animals Rarely Known

It is not surprising anymore if the sea becomes one of the places on earth inhabited by a variety of sea animals. Did you know that there is an estimated one million species of animal that lives in there?

Not only that, some animals in the sea are known to have amazing abilities that are rarely even unknown to many children in school.

Like the ability to support predators, find food, to communication.

Now to increase children’s knowledge, the following Popmama.com has summarized 7 amazing facts about marine animals that are rarely known. Come on, see!

Sea Animals

1. Octopus who is good at camouflage to avoid predators

Octopus is one animal that has extraordinary intelligence. Animals that belong to the Cepalopoda group are also known as animals that are good at camouflage.

Reporting from National Geographic, octopus can “unite” with the color and surrounding texture so as not to be seen by predators. In addition, thanks to his soft body, octopus can enter a narrow hole or gap to hide.

Not only the ability to camouflage, octopus also has other abilities to avoid predators.

This animal can spray a thick black ink to the approaching predator. The ink can obscure the view and disturb the sense of smell of the predator.

2. Sea cucumbers that are able to remove their internal organs as a form of self -defense

Animals that are included in the echinodermata phylum have a unique ability to survive predators, you know!

Reporting from National Geographic, if it … Read More